All of these faucets pay you instantly into your Faucet Pay wallet.

Faucet Name
Reward (USD)
Claim Timer (minutes)
Visit site
Vie-Faucet$ 0.000553Click here
Simple Bits$ 0.0005 - 0.001530Click here
Faucet Crypto$ 0.0007230Click here
Best Shopme
$ 0.001
Click here
Triton Bux
$ 0.002
Click here
Free Shib$ 0.000655Click here
Criptoly$ 0.0006525Click here
Bitten$ 0.00065Click here
Paid to Money$ 0.00062.5Click here
Tron Free$ 0.00065Click here
Claim Satoshi$ 0.000351Click here
Z-Cash$ 0.00052Click here
Faucet Crypto$ 0.00053Click here
Cripto$ 0.00052Clich here
Earn Ads$ 0.00052Click here
888 Satoshis$ 0.00053Click here
Claimer Corner$ 0.00054Click here
Mix Faucet$ 0.00055Click here
Bi Faucet$ 0.00055Click here
Coin Pot$ 0.00055Click here
Bitcoin Cyclone$ 0.00055Click here
Bits Free$ 0.00055Click here
Faucet BTC$ 0.000515Click here
Buck Sify
$ 0.0005 - 0.0015
Click here
Coin Fly$ 0.000455Click here
Final Auto Claim$ 0.0004530Click here
Free Get Coins$ 0.00045
3Click here
Hilano$ 0.00043Click here
Faucet Zoid$ 0.00030Click here
Btc Bunch$ 0.00033Click here
Crypto Affiliates$ 0.00033Click here
99 Faucet$ 0.00033Click here
Bit Hub$ 0.000221.5Click here
Bite Faucet$ 0.000222Click here
Kiddy$ 0.000211Click here
Get Dash Coin$ 0.00022Click here
Shib Pay$ 0.00015Click here

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