Earn interest on your crypto

Best FuryFor playing at Bet-fury you receive BFG Tokens that bring you daily Dividend. Every 24 hours 3% of the total profit on every currency is released on the Staking pool and distributed among all the BFG holders. So don’t wait Play Today get Tokens and Get Daily Dividend.
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BiswapJoin Staking Of BSW With 500%+ APY, Farm Or Exchange With Lowest Fees.Click here
Cake Defi
Best DeFi staking platform, get $30 free when you deposit $50.
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Contract MinerVirtual mining game.Click here
Final Auto ClaimFinal dutchy, earn staking.Click here
Pipe FlareFaucet that pays multiple coins, stake FLR tokens for passive income.Click here
Roller CoinFree 1000 satoshi sign up, collect miners.Click here
Bitcoin ManiaGrab free miners.
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Stake CubeA platform for mining coins using POS mining, hold coins here and earn profit.
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Crypto WinBitcoin staking 26% interest return in 6 months.Click here
Click CoinsBitcoin staking 20% interest return in 5 months.Click here
BinanceThe world's largest cryptocurrency exchange! Has support for staking coins and provides access to hundreds of trading pairs!Click here
Stake of StakeStackOfStake is the platform for retail and institutional investors that allows to receive passive income by investing in masternode and stakable cryptocurrency.
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Trust DicePlayers will earn TXT tokens with every real money bet. Stake TXT tokens to receive daily rewards.
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Coin Tiply
+5% passive annual interest on balances over 35,000 coins.
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